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If you’re a fan of Ducati history, you won’t be confused. We knew we were, when we saw the name and then the leaked image – this wasn’t a wrist and back decimating track machine. Instead, the clip-ons are a couple of inches higher than the top of the forks. The frame looks like it is from a Monster, and even though there is a single-sided swingarm, the brakes don’t seem to be top-drawer Brembo units.
The Supersport range is the sport-touring range of the Italian manufacturer, and rumour has it that the Supersport S has a 937 cc engine which is derived from the the engine on the Hypermotard 939. It will retail for an amount between Rs 10 and 11 lakh, and you can reasonably expect that to more than double when it gets to Indian shores.
The Supersport S is good news for the Indian market, as it will satisfy the craving for a faired, supersport-like machine but without the backache-inducing ergonomics that make it impossible in Indian traffic.