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Hayabusa – a name that has inspired the imagination of a generation of enthusiasts – now has a new form, albeit not a very different one than before. However, there are several key changes. For example, the new Hayabusa’s 1,340cc, four-cylinder, DOHC engine now has heavily modernised internals but produces slightly lesser power than before – 187-bhp and 15.29-kgm of torque. But, the twin-spar aluminium frame remains the same.

Overall weight has reduced by two kilograms, thanks to the new symmetrical twin silencer exhaust system, which means the 2021 Hayabusa tips the scale at 264 kilograms. While the seat height (800mm) and ground clearance (120mm) are slightly lower now, the braking system has been heavily improved too. Suzuki has also thoroughly reworked the electronics though, with features like anti-wheelie control, launch control, cruise control, cornering ABS, six-axis IMU and a whole, whole lot more.

One department where Suzuki has stuck to their guns is the overall design of the ‘Busa. The iconic silhouette largely remains the same with only a few subtle design changes, to make the bike look a little more modern. Given the cult following it has in India, we won’t surprised if the 2021 Hayabusa makes its way here soon. And if its pricing is anything like before, expect the ‘Busa legacy to continue here and across the world as well.