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With the regular R 1300 GS, BMW Motorrad leaned towards the ‘leaner, meaner, fitter’ mindset, which seems to have been thrown out the window for th R 1300 GS Adventure. After all, the Adventure versions are always more hardcore, aren’t they? Not that the regular bike isn’t, but this one is just a bit more rugged.

While the regular R 1300 GS certainly looks leaner, the R 1300 GS Adventure seems to have followed its predecessor’s path, even if it’s based on the regular motorcycle. The Adventure gets wider bodywork; look at that massive fuel tank that holds upto 30 litres of fuel! It certainly has more function than form for sure, as Manaal suggested earlier.

The BMW R 1300 GS retains the steel sheet metal shell frame, but the die-cast aluminium sub-frame has been replaced by a lattice tube rear frame, also made of aluminium and forged parts. The Evo Telelever and Paralever suspension setup has also been retained, with electronic adjustability as standard.

The 1300 cc twin-cylinder boxer engine has also been carried over, producing 143 bhp at 7750 rpm and 15.19 kgm of torque at 6500 rpm. Not to forget, it also is the first Beemer to get the Automated Shift Assistant as an option. Here’s the link to know more about it, but first finish reading this!

The R 1300 GS Adventure sets itself apart with adaptive vehicle height control, and the 870 mm standard seat height goes down to 840 mm when the bike is stationary or when you’re riding at lower speeds. Then you also get radar-based rider assistance aids as an optional addition, while cruise control comes available as standard.

Other things also include four riding modes, knuckle guards with integrated turn indicators, keyless functions, heated grips, auxiliary lamps, engine drag torque control, and a tyre pressure monitor among other things.

When can we expect an India launch? BMW Motorrad has recently rolled out the R 12 lineup, and there has been no confirmation about the R 1300 GS Adventure, but don’t be surprised if something happens in the coming months.