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It’s June 19 today, but covers on Bajaj CNG motorcycle remain intact. Although there has been some uncertainty regarding the release date, the CNG motorcycle is now likely to be unveiled on July 5.

Multiple reports of the Bajaj CNG bike have revealed several details. These include the design, shape of the fuel tank, long seat, minimal body panels, a unique chassis setup and more. According to reports, Bajaj has maximized the space available by placing the CNG tank along the bike’s length, under the seat, while there will also be a smaller-capacity petrol tank. Technical details remain under very tight wraps, but the bike could likely be powered by a 125 cc engine. The CNG motorcycle will be targeted towards customers in metros and other cities with CNG stations. It could also prove to be a good alternative for those who just aren’t ready to switch to EVs yet.

As for what it’s going to be called, it could be anyone’s guess for now.