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Bajaj recently launched the new Pulsar N150 at Rs 1.17 lakh (ex-showroom Maharashtra). This is the Indian two-wheeler giant’s fourth motorcycle in the competitive 150-160cc motorcycle segment. But what is the new Pulsar offering that the others were not?

Is That N150, N160 Or The N250?

The new Bajaj Pulsar N150 borrows the same design from the N160, well, which was borrowed from the N250. Yes, the biggest amongst these gets a side-slung exhaust and not an underbelly unit like the rest, but the bodywork is entirely the same. At least, the P150 had a distinctive face.

And maybe that’s exactly what wasn’t working for the P150. Perhaps the naked projector on the N series bikes has been one of the visual elements that’s drawing crowds. But there’s more to the N150 than just a different headlight.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 engine

The Fatter The Better?

The Bajaj Pulsar N150 uses a 120/80 – R17 rear tyre instead of the 100 or 110-section units that the P150’s drum and disc variant offered. This tyre on the N150 is straight off the N160, but unlike the 160cc sibling, or even the P150, there’s no disc brake at the rear. Plus, with all the changes, the N150 is 5 kg heavier than the P 150.

The weight and the rolling resistance has gone up, but both the 150s share the same 149.68cc single-cylinder engine making 14.29 bhp and 1.37 kgm. In fact, the suspension and other bits too are shared between the two bikes.

As of now, Bajaj has not revealed the pricing of the new N150 for all the cities, however, the new bike is Rs 2,000 cheaper than the P150 in Maharashtra. WithBajaj Pulsar N150 more component-sharing between the bikes, the bikemaker seems to have brought down the price, and of course given the customers the familiar styling they wished for. 

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