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The KTM RC 390 is one of the best machines out there when it comes to faired supersport offerings. With the agenda to keep that position valid, KTM has revealed the 2022 edition of the RC 390. The motorcycle has undergone an update in design while also receiving a bunch of electronic and mechanical upgrades.

Starting with the looks, the twin-projector duck-face front end has been replaced with a rather conventional faired type look with a single headlamp unit with LED lighting. The turn indicators are now flanked on either side of the headlamp unit instead of the side mirrors. The visor is now bigger in dimension which should provide better wind deflection and protection to the rider from the weather. The fuel tank is larger and can hold 13.7 litres of fuel, which has been one of the annoying limitations with the previous RC 390. In terms of riding stance, the height of the clip-on bars is now adjustable by 10 mm. Meanwhile, the seat height has been dropped by 11 mm and now stands at 824 mm. Ground clearance, on the other hand, has been increased by 8 mm to 158 mm. Also, adding folding gear and brake levers is a good thought considering the RC 390 is a motorcycle meant for the track.

Coming to the cycle parts, the motorcycle now gets fully-adjustable suspension at both ends for setting up the preload and damping according to the rider’s requirement. Besides that, the RC 390 employs new wheels and brakes which together take off 4.4 kg from the bike’s unsprung weight. This should help make the RC 390 a better handler around corners. Even the trellis frame has undergone some weight shedding and is now 1.5 kg lighter than earlier. All of this has contributed to make the RC 390 tip the scale at 155 kg (dry).

Features nowadays are a very important aspect and can very much be the dealbreaker at the time of purchasing a new motorcycle. Thankfully KTM has made sure the new RC 390 comes loaded with several features to keep it interesting. The motorcycle now gets Supermoto ABS mode, IMU with lean-sensitive traction control, and an optional bi-directional quickshifter. Other upgrades include a large colour TFT instrumentation that will be Bluetooth-enabled like its sibling, the 390 Duke.

For the powertrain, the motor produced the same power but slightly more torque thanks to the revised air-box design. The exhaust system has been changed, too, a new stainless-steel header pipe and aluminium end-can.

Expect the launch of the 2022 RC 390 in India soon after it hits the showrooms in the international market. It is likely that KTM will drop the adjustable suspension and few other features to keep the new RC 390 competitive in the market.