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In the realm of twin cylinders, a paradigm shift unfolded with the advent of Royal Enfield‘s 650-twin series. This amalgamation of the venerable Royal Enfield formula with the dulcet tones cherished by motor enthusiasts— the symphony of two cylinders resonating like a resounding hush following a bustling morning. Although these twins do not boast disparate engine variants, nuances discernible to the astute observer unravel. Let us delve into the crux of the disparity between the Super Meteor 650 and the Shotgun 650.

Engine and technical difference

Make no mistake, these machines are siblings, sharing the same 648 cc air/oil-cooled parallel-twin engine that produces 47 bhp at 7250 rpm and 5 kgm of torque at 5650 rpm — a powerplant cherished by enthusiasts. However, the differentiating factors, though nuanced for the average rider, are substantial. The Super Meteor takes the lead, boasting a 1.9-litre advantage, a 1500 mm wheelbase, and a seat height of 740 mm. In contrast, the Shotgun claims its share with a ground clearance of 140 mm and a weight reduction of one kilogram, bringing the total to 240 kg, accompanied by a seat height of 795 mm.

The hardware is marginally different from that on the Super Meteor 650


Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 Royal Enfield Shotgun 650
Tyres Front 100/90 – 19 M/C 57H Tubeless Tyres 100/90-18 M/C 56H Tubeless Tyres
Tyres Rear 150/80 B16 M/C 71H Tubeless Tyres 150/70 R17 M/C 69H Tubeless Tyres
Wheelbase 1,500 mm 1,465 mm
Ground Clearance 135 mm 140 mm
Seat Height 740 mm 795 mm
Kerb Weight 241 kg 240 kg
Fuel Capacity 15.7-litres 13.8-litres


Ergonomic differences Riding dynamics: Rebel vs Godfather

While these two motorcycles share most of their components, technical enhancements, and the engine itself, the true divergence manifests in ergonomics and aesthetics. The Super Meteor exudes familiarity, offering a laid-back, comfortable riding position with forward-set footpegs and a raised curved handlebar — an image reminiscent of the godfather, in repose while overseeing the empire’s affairs. Crafted to fulfil the iconic touring dream, the Super Meteor, coupled with Royal Enfield’s myriad accessories, stands as the quintessential highway companion.

Endless possibilities with Royal Enfield’s GMA suite

Conversely, the Shotgun 650 emerges as the new rebel on the block, featuring a bobber body, mid-set footpegs, and a flat handlebar, demanding a more committed rider. Enhanced by a single seat, LED lighting system, a boxier and sleek gas tank, and a more aggressive headlight cowl, the Shotgun boldly stands out.

While superficially akin, these motorcycles resonate in distinct ways, each evoking a unique emotion — a laid-back mafia godfather and a spirited upstart embracing challenges. Although we are yet to subject the Shotgun to the Indian equation, anticipations run high for Royal Enfield to deliver another stunning 650, maintaining the lineage of its illustrious predecessors.