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Mumbai. To most people who have landed up here, it is just a place, like everywhere else. Work brings them here, and work keeps them here. Surely, there should be more to it than just… well, that. By this analogy, humans come into existence, slave away for as long as they live and finally exit. No. This can’t be all.

I haven’t had the time, or rather haven’t made the time, to explore the essence of the city of dreams. Every time I converse with a Mumbaikar, one observation is commonly made; How much of Mumbai have I actually seen? It tends to get annoying after a while, and like an itch that is hard to reach, extremely irritating.

That is precisely where the Vida V1 Pro comes in. With a 110 km real-world range, it was the perfect companion for me to explore the true essence of Mumbai. Hop on, and ride off with a keyless ignition system, convenience is its middle name. And while I was at it, I would also be avoiding the usual carbon footprint I would leave, had I been riding an ICE vehicle. It’s a win-win situation!

Making my way to all the important landmarks in and around Mumbai, I was slowly getting to observe the pride with which the locals saw their city. This was accompanied by the total awe in which travellers took in the sights and sounds of Mumbai. Zooming around town, with acceleration figures of 3.2 seconds from zero to 40 kph, we left no stone unturned in our quest to explore.

Uphill, downhill, through tight gullies and choc-blocked traffic, the 20-degree gradability as well as the two-way throttle showcased its capability. The multiple chaat stalls with mouth-watering delicacies, the buskers that lined Marine Drive on the weekend, the kaali-peeli taxis and the double-decker buses filled with gleaming faces, we explored every inch of the city. Not to mention all the cute little souvenirs that I could stuff in the spacious boot of the Vida.

Diving deeper into the history of the city that never sleeps, we get a clearer picture of the foundation that has built this metropolis, as well as the numerous incidents that have drawn the citizens together in trying times. Whatever the trials and tribulations, the city endured, just like the suspension setup of the Vida, offering just the right balance of comfort and sportiness on Indian roads.

The two removable batteries add to the convenience of allowing us to charge up just about anywhere. This comes in handy, considering that the majority of us have parking constraints and this provides an easy solution. Taking into account how densely populated Mumbai is, it’s amazing how the community manages to find enough space to accommodate everyone, like a very real game of Tetris.

Our quest to explore brought us closer to the city of dreams, and the Vida V1 Pro was quite the apt steed. Understanding comes through experiences and observation, and that’s how we learn to navigate life. A lot of us may just see a city and its residents. To those who have built themselves a life here, it is much more than that. Mumbai is a way of life — Um modo de vida.